My worries for Disney and a fanfiction writer

So, here’s the thing, I’m diagnosed with autism and I tend to worry too much. But, also, I like so many things. One of the things I like is Disney and would like to work for Disney Animation in doing story and character ideas, whether through writing or expressing it in person.
For their movies, my favorite would be “Zootopia” and I’m one of those people that ship the main character Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps as a couple and I have been having ideas and making it a fanfiction or just thoughts about it. There’s also other Disney movies I like, which are “Moana”, “Aladdin”, and of course “Frozen”.
But, I also have worries for Disney. There have been slip-ups and things popping up that now I’m worried for them. This is going to sound crazy, but I wish there was something I could do.
Also, I had an idea or a fanfiction idea for a “Frozen” sequel by giving Elsa a fire-wielding male love interest. That was until I discovered a fanfiction on the internet, written by ksckwake1, who basically already had that idea. I was going to continue my own work, but decided not to, because I didn’t want to copy it.
The one concern I have right now is ksckwake1 thinking Disney is taking a few of his ideas from one of his fanfictions and making “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” out of it. He did state he wasn’t sure if it was true, but also stating if it was true, he was thinking what other ideas they are exploiting.
Here’s the thing, I’ve made up or thought of my own “Thomas & Friends” characters in writing and/or thought, until Hit Entertainment wrote them down and I didn’t even submit a fanfiction. Do I go sue Hit Entertainment, Mattel, or anyone that made the “Thomas and Friends” stories? No. Just because they have the same idea, doesn’t mean they took it.
I am worried for the writer too. I would like him to be a part of the “Frozen 2” or me working with him and for Disney in that, but here are some other questions. Does ksckwake1 want to be part of it? Would Disney take offense to him thinking they took his ideas? Who am I damaging if I do show them that? Disney or ksckwake1? Plus, they’re already getting started for “Frozen 2” and what do I do now?
I wish there was something that I could do, but I don’t have any control on any situation. I just wish there could be peace between Disney and ksckwake1. I don’t know everything about kscwake1, but I want him to be at peace. It would be nice meeting him face-to-face along with the “Frozen” crew and cast, but it’s probably just my autistic imagination. I could say the same thing for the cast and crew involving “Zootopia”, even though a few people in “Frozen” are involved in that.
I also want peace with Disney. After some of things they’ve been through, from the internet’s perspective, I just wish them peace.
So many times, my fear gets the better of me. I’m not sure how Disney or ksckwake1 would respond if they saw this, but I admit that I’m worried for Disney and ksckwake1. There are some dreams that I wish could be realities, but that’s probably my imagination.

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