RLA Host Zombie Hunt

RLA kicked off the Halloween festivities on Monday with a zombie hunt where RAs attacked students.
Armstrong was transformed into a graveyard of the living dead. Sam Merrill, junior from Oral, South Dakota, High Rise RA, came up with the idea for this event. Merrill stated that her family likes to use nerf guns every chance they get, so she thought, “Why not incorporate it with Halloween and do a zombie hunt? Nerf gun wars are fun, so why not shoot zombies?”
The object of the zombie hunt was to get past all of the zombies and reach the end where food and beverages were waiting for the survivors. The RAs, who dressed up as zombies, were able to create their own design for their costumes. Merrill simply provided the makeup.
When it came to looking for a place, Armstrong was the perfect spot. Merrill said that she felt like not a lot of people use it other than the athletes. She thought it has that “creepy vibe” to it, especially being one of the oldest buildings on campus. Merrill thought it would be a perfect area to get kids out of their zone and be a little spooky.
Merrill was hoping for around 30 people to show up because it was a Monday. She felt if it was a weekend, they would have had a better turnout, but she was still able to enjoy the idea come to life.
Brittney Hill, freshman of Sheridan, Wyoming, enjoyed herself and was happy to something to do over Halloween. One recommendation Hill had was to incorporate more of a maze as well as more zombies.

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