Celebrate your birthday

Looking forward at my birthday week has been a thrill ride of emotions. I have found that not only will this be my 21st birthday, I am also annoyed with, “What are you going to do?” questions.
My answer to that question is, I have no idea, but I am going to figure out something and celebrate my 21 years. I believe that everyone needs to celebrate their birthday, no matter if you loathe it or not.
I have found that many people do not like their birthday. Maybe you do not like celebrating. You prefer to not be congratulated for being born on that day. I have always found this puzzling. However, it is no excuse for not celebrating. Life should be celebrated, and not just being born, but the accomplishments that you have achieved as well.
If you detest getting older, then celebrate about the job you landed last March, or the new friend you made in September and how that path led you to where you are today. Life is worth celebrating even if you do not like the ticking clock of time.
I have personally always liked my birthday, I was never shy when people said happy birthday, and I have never turned down an invitation to celebrate either. However, it is intimidating for many on their birthday to receive all the attention. If you are one of these people, it is okay. That is normal, one day of attention versus 364 days of being normal can be shocking. However, all that pressure is not a bad thing. It is your day spend it proudly, smile and have a good time.
Surprise birthday parties can be nerve-racking. I have found that not only do a good portion of my friends and family dislike them, but they are terrifying for most. If you’re nervous about all the attention here is some advice I have found to help cope with all the excitement at a birthday party.
First, know that it is a good intention. For the party planner it gave them an opportunity to rejoice with a friend. They want you to have a good time not be scared.
Second do not worry about judgement. Most people want have fun with you on your birthday. Give them a day to celebrate your friendship.
Third do not worry about the upcoming years. Dreading the next years to come can put a damper on your birthday, live life in the now. Your life is worth celebrating. Have a great birthday.

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