Disney-related fanfictions spark fascination and imagination

There’s a few things I like. You probably know I like Disney, but I also like writing, thinking, and expressing fanfiction and story ideas and there are few fanfictions that I like. There’s also some imaginations that I wish were realities or things I wish could happen, but that’s probably my imagination.
Now, one set that I’ve been intrigued by is “Frozen” fanfiction writings, written by ksckwake1. I’ve talked about him, while explaining my worries for him and for Disney, but there’s things I like in his fanfictions. One of it is “Frozen 2: Fire and Ice”, where Elsa and the “Frozen” gang meet a socially-awkward man named Kristian, who has the ability to produce fire and a pet firebird Mattias.
What I like about this is that he gives Elsa a fire-wielding male love interest. And the chapter I like in “Frozen 2: Fire and Ice” is the sixteenth chapter, where Elsa learns about Kristian’s fire abilities. Thing is, from what ksckwake1 put, Kristian was ingrained with negativity about fire and ice being natural opposites by his mentor Goran, who also has fire-wielding abilities and the villain of the story. However, when Elsa discovers he has the abilities of heat and fire, she is accepting of him.
Well, before I saw ksckwake1’s work, I was having “Frozen” sequel idea giving Elsa a fire-wielding male love interest. I was going to continue with my work after seeing ksckwake1’s fanfiction, but I decided not to, because already had the ideas down in “Frozen 2: Fire and Ice” and I didn’t want to copy his work.
There’s a couple fanfictions I do like on the internet and ksckwake1’s fanfiction “Frozen 2: Fire and Ice” and this writings are an exception.
There’s also “Zootopia” that’s my favorite Disney movie (you already know that) and I’m one of the people that ship Nick and Judy. There are couple of fan arts of Nick and Judy that I have liked. I have been doing work and having some ideas of fanfictions for a sequel, but it would be pleasing if Disney did do sequel with Nick and Judy are love interests.
I do like several Disney films and several other things, like Disney World and some of their television shows, even “Star Wars”. It would be nice to work for them.
But, there are more things that I wish for. I would like to work for Disney in expressing or helping with story ideas. I also want for peace for ksckwake1 and Disney, because of what I’ve talked about in my previous “My worries for Disney and a fanfiction writer” article. It would be nice meeting ksckwake1 and those involved in “Frozen” face-to-face, but that’s my imagination. I just wish for peace between them.
I also wish for a “Zootopia” sequel that make Nick and Judy a couple, but it’s Disney’s call.
There are other things I like and other things I wish. Sometimes, I wish some of my imaginations and dreams could be realities, but they’re just my imaginations. In my opinion, it would be nice if some of my dreams, imaginations, and few wishes could be realities, but I don’t know.

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