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Taylor Sandven, left, 18, freshman of Hill City, South Dakota; Randee Thayer, 19, freshman of Rapid City, South Dakota; and Amara Pennel, 18, freshman of Hill City, show off their creative art skills coloring Halloween themed coloring pages during RLA’s Trick or Treat Around the World event, Tuesday night in the Hub.

RLA’s Trick or Treat Around the World and Pumpkin Carving event brought out 88 students to The Hub on Halloween to carve pumpkins, try candies from around the world, and win prizes.
The event was a success with students. Those who attended said they enjoyed trying the seven candies from six different countries: Choeng Woo Pumpkin candy from the Republic of Korea; Piemonte Cherry candy from Italy; Botan Rice candy from Japan; Chimes mango ginger chews from Indonesia; Hong Yuan Guava from China, Mr. Fizzy, Fizzy Boom, from Ukraine; and Shigekix from Japan.
“The Fizzy Boom was my favorite,” Julie Timmerman, 23, junior of Burwell said.
“The candies tasted different,” Nicole Lartey, 24, junior of Accra, Ghana said. “It was not what I expected.”
The pumpkins weren’t real, but students still enjoyed the challenge of carving their designs into the plastic foam forms. Timmerman showed off her Nebraska spirit, carving the University of Nebraska ‘N’ into the back of her pumpkin.
“It was my first time carving a pumpkin and I loved it,” Sophia Gwanzura, 25, senior of Harare, Zimbabwe said.
RLA also had a prize drawing. The Resident Advisor’s gave away 15 prizes including candy, scary movies, blankets, and the top prize, a Keurig coffee maker.
The event was organized by RA Noah Fisher, 21, junior of Pierce, who said he was happy with the outcome of the event. RLA spent about $250 on the event and expected 60-70 students to attend. The event drew more students than anticipated.
“A lot of people came out and tried candies that they don’t normally get to try on Halloween,” Fisher said.

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