Operation Christmas Child sends gift boxes across world

Christmas made an early appearance on the CSC campus. On Wednesday, 60 people gathered together to pack boxes of various items for less fortunate children across the world.
Mariah Nelson, 24, of Michell, South Dakota, came up with the plan to do this event. Attendees filled the shoe box with hygiene items, school supplies, toys, clothing and whatever you can fit into a shoe box. The boxes are usually sent outside the United States.
The event has been held in the Hub for the past two years but there was more space needed so people could see all their options. Nelson said she wasn’t sure how many people usually show up.
“I don’t know it kind of varies every time I would be happy if 30-50 people showed up,” Nelson said. “Items were donated from various donors. It’s an event that people love to do because they get to serve other people in other countries and it’s not really a cost to them at this time.”
Nicole Lartey, 24, junior from Accra, Ghana, said the event was a success and she enjoyed it because she loves giving back.
“I did enjoy this event and I would definitely recommend it to anyone because it’s a life changing experience,” Lartey said.

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