Social work conference brings awareness to sex trafficking

One in four women and one in five men will be sexually abused in their lifetime. 97% of children who experience victimization early in their life will be re-victimized later in life.
The Social Work 435 class held a conference on sex trafficking, Wednesday. The conference included theatre department presentations, survivor stories, words from experts and those that are fighting to end the sex trafficking industry.
A video interview with a sex trafficking survivor, Kelly, was shown. She described her life as part of a sex trafficking ring and how it has impacted her life now. She was in the industry for more than four years before escaping.
Only 1% of those in the sex trafficking industry for more than four years survive.
Many survivors of sex trafficking do not fit into the stigma. It can happen to anyone.
Kelly and other survivors are fighting to change legislation, protect victims and end the sex trafficking industry.
“It can easily happen to college students, even though it’s a small town. College kids are targeted because of their age and some can be easily manipulated into sex trafficking.” Raven Shouldis, 18, freshman from Chadron, said.
If you suspect trafficking, call the Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-3737-888.

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