Students learn identity theft protection tips

Project Strive Living Room was visited by Clayton Riesen, the President of Farmers State Bank, Chadron at, Tuesday. He came to speak to Project Strive students about identity theft and to offer them preventative advice on the issue.
“Three of the most important things for students to do regarding identity theft are to watch their accounts on a daily basis, never give out personal information over the phone, and keep their bills paid,” Riesen said. “An important thing for students to watch out for is their credit, and to make sure that no one else abuses it. If someone else abuses your credit, it can affect you for a very long time.”
“160 Chadron State students are members of Project Strive,” Amanda Lewin, an adviser of Project Strive, said.
Thirteen of the Project Strive students attended the identity theft event.
“I learned that I need to be more aware at gas stations with my debit card,” Hanna Hostutler, 20, a junior of Phillips, South Dakota said. “I also learned that if I go to a different state to let my bank know,”
“I definitely need to watch my accounts more often,” Trevor Baker, 23, junior of Rapid City, South Dakota, said. “I learned that if you think you may be under fraud, there are ways to freeze your accounts.”

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