CAB contemplates Spring Daze entertainment

Vice Chair of Programming Kimberly Hernandez requested student feedback about the possible expenses for entertainment at Spring Daze.
The cost of a stage for the event is $10,000, which only includes the delivery and set up of the stage. The concern is that the cost of the stage may not be worth the price if the artist chosen does not draw a large enough crowd.
“This is a really good way to get a lot of feedback from a lot of students,” Chair Trista Schell said.
No decisions have been made yet, but CAB representatives provided their opinions and discussed alternatives to the $10,000 stage.
“Any money that you don’t, as a student body, spend this year does roll over,” adviser Deena Kennell said. “You could be more strategic about allocating money this year to roll over next year to plan for a larger artist.”
Adviser Pat Beu introduced the new Student Activities Coordinator, Megan Bren. Bren said she was very excited to be here and getting to know the students.
Vice Chair of Finance Tierra Snyder wanted to remind students to attend Kevin Hines’ presentation about suicide awareness at 7 p.m., Tuesday Nov. 14 in Memorial Hall.
CAB is looking for one more member for the by-laws review committee to form a quorum. No voting can be done until the position is filled.
Student Government is in need of new justices. All of the current justices are graduating in December or May, so those spots need to be filled. Anyone interested in being a justice should contact Samantha Merrill. Justices cannot be members of CAB or Senate, because justices must remain unbiased at all times.
“Being a justice is a really good opportunity especially for those of that are going into criminal justice,” Schell said.
Vice Chair of Records Kristina McGann reminded CAB representatives who are still in need of graduation cords to notify CAB as soon as possible so they can be ordered.
Before closing the meeting, CAB asked representatives for ideas on door prizes for future student events. CAB said they hoped to increase student participation at events by offering prizes that interested students. The next two free movie night will take place Nov. 12 and Dec. 10.

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