CSC choirs excel in first performance of the year

About 70 people filled up the arts center. Under the direction of Una Taylor, professor of music, and Joel Schreuder, professor of music, the concert went smoothly. They gave audiences a concert of diverse music, from traditional to modern choral music.
The Community Chorus opened the concert with “Let Their Celestial Concerts All Unite,” by George Frideric Handel. In the “Neighbors’ Chorus,” from La Jolie Parfumeuse, the singers presented and performed in the song’s context ,featuring Jarrod Paul as “The Neighbor.”
“It’s supposed to be a cute song from the opera just because there’s a couple broken up and all those nosy neighbors want to know what’s happening with them,” said Cheyanna Thompson, 23, senior of Frederick, Colorado. “Some of the pieces are more challenging than others, but they are pretty interesting.”
The Community Chorus ended their section with the meaningful song “Make Them Hear You,” from Ragtime by Stephen Flaherty.
The CSC Concert Choir impressed audiences with skillful and challenging pieces. They performed the harmony beautifully and used their voices to complement each other. The performers also had a great time performing their music.
Kelvana Demeritte, 17, freshman of Nassau, New Providence in the Bahamas, said she enjoyed singing a Latin music, “Ubi Caritas,” by Ola Gjeilo. She said she was glad to perform challenging music before graduation.
Schreuder is expecting the Holiday Concert in December to have many fun pieces. He also mentioned that choir is opened to everyone to join.

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