Project Strive decorates cookies

Project Strive students celebrated the Cookie Monster’s birthday by decorating cookies on Nov. 2, 2017. Twenty-five students attended the event in the Project Strive Living Room at 11 a.m., Thursday.
Amanda Lewin, adviser of Project Strive, said, “We decided to decorate cookies today because of the Cookie Monster’s birthday, but also so students can relieve some stress. It’s also a way that the Project Strive students can connect with one another.”
“Project Strive offers good support to us and it’s nice to participate in something fun,” Jennifer Campos, 18, freshman of Alliance, said.
The cookie-decorating event also included competitive contests for the students. The four cookie contests at the event were; the best use of color, the most original, the most abstract, and the most appetizing. Jessy Bale, 20, junior of Hermosa, South Dakota, won the most original cookie contest with a standing apple cookie that she designed.
Gabi Perez, 22, senior of Sioux City, Iowa, said, “Decorating cookies while it’s snowing really gets me in the mood for Christmas.”

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