Sandoz Center to be re-imagined

The Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center, for many years, has been a tourist attraction for the area and, according to Joel Hyer, School of BEAMSS dean, is something that speaks to who we are as an institution. A new director has yet to be appointed. Instead, according to Hyer, there has been a team of people to “re-imagine” the Sandoz Center. They feel this provides collective ideas and team-thinking, rather than having one person in charge.
Currently, they’ve been taking the past few months to collect data. They are looking at things such as, who’s been visiting, when do we get the most visitors, how is the Center being used.
Hyer assures that there are good things going on at the Sandoz Center, stating that there are probably two events that are held there each week.
Hyer presses the comparison of the Sandoz re-imagining to five years ago when the library went under the same process. The library turned out better than anyone could have imagined according ti Hyer, and that is the same hope for the Marie Sandoz Center.
The members on the “re-imagine team” has been attending conferences regarding museums and effective ways to manage them. Hyer also assures that the people on the “re-imagine team” are passionate about the center and improving it. The team is compiled of faculty, staff, and administrators, two of whom, have been members of the Mari Sandoz Heritage Society, one of whom is a former member of it’s board of directors.
There is currently no plan for the Sandoz Center regarding what is to come of it in the near future.

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