RLA’s Spoons with RAs brings out large crowd

RLA held a card game tournament, “Spoons with RAs,” Friday, in the Hub.
More than 70 people showed up to participate with hopes to get to the finale.
Spoons is a fast-paced game of matching, and players’ objectives are to grab spoons. After the first player collected a four of a kind and grabs a spoon, other players had to attempt to grab one.
RAs called out names every 15 minutes to win small prizes, including candies, decks of cards, movie bundles and game packs.
The best players at each table got to the finale. The three last players had chances to win Walmart gift cards.
The $50 Walmart gift card went to Caitlin Hasenauer, 19, freshman of Sutherland, in first place. The first runner-up won a $20 Walmart gift card. The second runner-up won a $10 Walmart gift card.
“My heart is still pounding and I fell off the chair earlier,” Hasenauer said. “The game was too intense.”
She also said to enjoy playing with her friends. Hasenauer shared tips to win.
“The way I played was that I mainly watched the spoon and I watched my cards. It’s really just multitasking.”

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