Students get in the Thanksgiving spirit with Turkey Bowling

Turkey Bowling brought more than 30 people to the Backyard, Friday.
Despite the chilling weather, most participants said they enjoyed the game.
Participants threw big, heavy frozen turkeys, like bowling balls, at “pins”- two-liter soda bottles. The game seemed easy, but it was quite difficult to control the direction of turkeys.
Whoever got a strike or a spare could choose any two-liter soda bottles or pies as prizes. Students could also play corn hole and a ladder ball toss game.
RAs randomly picked names every 15 minutes to win prizes, including three footballs, three heated throw blankets, three mugs with hot cocoa and apple cider mix. The top prize was a Polaroid camera for those who stayed until the end.   
“I’ve been training hard all season long, and I just knew that all this training was going to pay off and kill those two liters of soda,” said Devin Fulton, 21, sophomore of Glenrock, WY. Fulton got a strike right on the first try.
“I can never get the turkey to go the right way, or not strong enough,” said Bruna Arana, 18, freshman of Brazil. “It’s really heavy, way heavier than I thought it would be.” Arana said she eventually got used to it and won a pie for a strike.

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