You’re a wizard, Harry

Sigma Tau Delta held Harry Potter Extravaganza Saturday at Bordeaux room in the Student Center to raise funds for the club and DOVES program.
According to Lydia Privett, 19, sophomore of Wahoo, the event took donation like shampoo, conditioner, plastic-ware, soap, to support DOVES. In return, donors got tickets to participate in the games, and buy “magical stuffs.” One item equaled one ticket to the raffle. They could also buy tickets starting with 5 cents per ticket at the Gringotts Bank booth.
The event attracted both residents and students to come and dress up like the series’ characters. People felt like they were in the magic world right from the entrance decorated like Platform 9 ¾. They dressed up as Hogwarts students and house elves.
People walked to the Great Hall booth so they could figure out what house they were in. Participants were quickly interested in the famous Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks. The Ollivander’s Wands booth caught people’s attention for displaying magical wands and other Harry Potter souvenirs like pins, scarfs. The Chocolate Frog and Fizzing Whizbees were also popular.
“All these items, I didn’t think they’re gonna bring those actual stuff,” Natsuki Sato, 22, senior of Oita-shi, Japan, said, “I’m surprised!” Sato and her friend both received wands matching their clothes’ color.
“It’s been really fun. My children are really having a good time. So far, we’ve got some chocolate frogs and some Butterbeer. My kids are interested in wands, and I’d like a pumpkin pasty” Millie Butler, 30, residents of Crawford said. “And we’re gonna play Quidditch,” she added.
The events really satisfied true Harry Potter fans.
“I love Harry Potter so much. I’ve read all the books. I’ve seen all the movies. I’ve read and done anything Harry Potter. It’s really fun. I got to eat some great fun and play some awesome games,” Paige Carattini, 16, students of Chadron High School said. She won two random Harry Potter figurines and a $20 Pizza Hut gift card.
“We really didn’t know how many to expect but this is definitely more than we’re expecting. It turns out being great so far,” Privett said.
The Harry Potter themed event came up with everyone’s expectation and ended up with many generous donations to the club and DOVES program.

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