Powerlifter Cailer Woolam speaks to CSC

CSC students and other community members gathered in the Student Center Ballroom to learn about powerlifting from speaker Cailer Woolam.

Woolam is from Alvin, Texas and he was only 12 when he started lifting.

“I remember we lifted in our athletic program back in junior high I was in sixth grade and I noticed other kids were stronger than me.  I had weights at my house and before I knew it I was watching videos on YouTube of how to lift weights and such.” Woolam said.

After lifting in his garage, Woolam discovered the sport powerlifting, where they squat, bench and deadlift.

“I’ve always wanted to do [powerlift]. I also played football, baseball and a little bit of basketball.” Woolam said.

“Early on, someone I looked up to was Ed Coan, if anyone keeps up with powerlifting they would know who he is. He is considered the best powerlifter of all time. I learned a lot from him,” He said.  

Woolam ended his speech by stating his powerlifting accomplishments.

“I hate to say it but one of the most interesting things about me is that I deadlift 900 pounds,” Woolam said. He also holds two world records in the deadlift for 881 pounds in the 198 class and 928 pounds in the 220 class. In fact, 928 pounds is the heaviest deadlift ever done by an American.

Woolam seemed to catch a lot of attention from students and community members. A line of people was waiting to ask questions after the event was over.

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