Students improve their culinary skills with Cooking in a Cup

RLA hosted a Cooking in a Cup event, Monday in the Hub.
About 80 students attended the event, and RLA expected about 120 to attend.
Students learned how to cook five different meals with a cup and a microwave. Pumpkin pie, oatmeal, Nutella cake, omelets, and pizza were on the menu at the event. Students could pick any of the meals to make.
“I didn’t know you could make pumpkin pie in a cup until tonight,” Patrick Biesterfeld, 19, sophomore of Wheatland, Wyoming.
Jamie Sigel, 22, a senior of Sundance, Wyoming said, “I really like the social aspect of the event.”
“We came up with this program because it’s fun and easy. We want to teach college kids how to make easy meals with only a microwave and a cup,” Haley Gallagher, 21, a senior of Erie, Colorado, who helped host the event, said.

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