Eagle for Life bring pro-life awareness with cupcakes

Eagle for Life, a new club on campus, set up tables full of cupcakes for Cupcake for Life in the Student Center, Friday.

“So we, Eagle for Life, are celebrating ‘Cupcake for Life’, to celebrate all the birthdays of those who haven’t had a chance to celebrate birthdays, whether it was abortion or miscarriages, to get awarenesses out about supporting life,” Barbara Pieper, 20, junior of Mitchell, said.

The club prepared hundreds cupcakes, pens and flyers. According to Pieper, the results both surprised and met the club’s expectation.

“We have a lot of people tell us ‘No’, that they don’t want a cupcake. But we have also a lot of people tell us ‘Yea, this is a great idea!’”, Pieper said.

“There’s been a few people who come up and ask us questions. When we explained it, they were usually very supportive. Even though they don’t want a cupcake, some of them still want to know what we are about, what we are for,” Kenade Tomjack, 18, freshman of Chambers, said. “That’s pretty cool!”

Eagle for Life, started last May, as a new club on campus. The club is a part of Students for Life, a national pro-life organization.

“We are the pro-life generation. Since we are on a college campus, we mainly focus on abortion, and try to stop it,” Pieper said. “We team up with [Students for Life], to do different events to raise awareness on abortion and being pro-life.”

Eagle for Life’s next meeting will be Friday, Dec. 1, at Lakota room, Student Center, and welcome everyone to join.

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