Memorial held in honor of Dr. Janice Haynes

The Public Relations club hosted a memorial for Janice Haynes, Thursday in the Mary Sandoz Center.

Students and professors gathered to remember her and shared stories, letters, and music in her memory. The PR club provided snacks and refreshments to have while students and faculty shared their stories about professor Haynes.

“To me, Janice Haynes was a miracle,” Jim Margetts said. “She was exactly what we needed. I didn’t realize it until I worked with her.” Margetts shared his story about getting to know Haynes during her hiring process.

“She said what she thought, unapologetically,” Dr. Kimberly Cox said. Cox played a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Dr. Haynes’ memory.

Katelyn Lambert and Mariah Linders were responsible for most of the planning for this event.

“We wanted a big turnout to honor Professor Haynes. She deserves to have her legacy honored, and we felt this would be a great way to do it,” Lambert said.

The CSC campus continues to honor Janice Haynes’ legacy.

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