CAB discusses Faculty-in-Residence program

During Tuesday night’s CAB meeting, representatives discussed the launch of a new program intended to help faculty and students connect outside of the classroom.
David Kendrick, associate vice president of teaching and learning technologies, and Josh Ellis, associate professor of applied sciences introduced the Faculty-in-Residence initiative they hope to get started on campus next semester.
The basis of the program is that a faculty member will live in a private room among students in a resident hall, offer programing that interests students and facilitate active participation in the student learning experience.
“We are realizing the value of living learning communities,” Kendrick said. “It’s a very enriching experience, but we’d like to take a baby step doing it.”
The ‘pilot’ is proposed to start in Edna Hall during the Spring 2018 semester. The program will start in one residence hall as a test run. After the first semester, there will be an evaluation process to determine the success of the program.
“The reason I was interested in it is the increased engagement with students,” Ellis said. “There seems to be a disconnect between faculty and student a lot of times. We have our office hours but a lot of times students don’t use those office hours. This is one way of moving our office hours to your house.”
Programs offered by Faculty-in-Residence could include book club, movie nights, educational presentations by other professors and study groups.
Even though the program is only taking place in one residence hall, participation is not limited to those living in Edna Hall. All students are welcome to come and participate in events put on by the Faculty-in-Residence.
“[The program will] help me determine if CSC is meeting student goals and needs, and help me determine if I’m meeting students’ needs as their adviser,” Ellis said.
CAB representatives asked Kendrick and Ellis many questions about how the program will look on the CSC campus, what the duties of the faculty member would be and what students could expect gain from the program.
CAB opened nominations for Vice Chair of Programming to students have been CAB members for at least one semester. Voting for the position will take place during next week’s meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 5.

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