Senate discussed CAB meeting changes

School of Liberal Arts Senator, Shaniya DeNaieyer, reported to Senate that several constituents brought to her attention some issues they are having with CAB meetings and the punishment for missing meetings.
“Having CAB every week is a big commitment for students who are in several clubs, and have jobs,” the constituents said, according to DeNaieyer. “They feel like the CAB report is the same report as the last two weeks. They also feel that having a CAB meeting every other week or even once a month would allow a longer meeting, and more information, and be a better use of students’ time and commitment.”
The discussion will continue, but for now CAB meetings will still take place on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. in the Student Center.
Senator at large Lelisse Umeta also reported to Senate of a petition that a student conducted regarding CSC’s 14 Meal Plan.
Senate has a current budget of $22, 941.95 in unallocated funds.
AFB, a committee that is responsible for allotting the money, that students pay each year in activities fees, to fund many of the clubs on campus, is now up and running.
“We are planning on getting the allocation information sheet out before Dec. 1, and no later than Dec. 4 which is our next meeting,” Vice President of Finance Lukas Klueber said. “We are going to end the semester on a good note, and start planning for our spring budget hearings.”
CAB is hosting Casino Night, on Saturday, from 9 p.m. to midnight, in the Student Center Lobby. CAB will also be hosting Christmas themed pool party from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., on Dec. 8.
The next Free Movie Night is Dec. 10. Students should continue to watch CAB’s Facebook, and Twitter pages for the release of the movie titles.
The Spring Daze theme is 90’s nostalgia, and the committee is opening up a T-Shirt design contest to the students.
“We have started reserving rooms for Spring Daze” Vice President Johnathan Sayaloune said. “The next meeting is Sunday at 4, if you want to join us.”
Dr. Markus Egler Jones will host a public reading of his book “How the Butcher Bird Finds Her Voice,” on Thursday, in the Sandoz Center Atrium.

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