CAB holds election for Vice Chair of Relations

Elections were held at the CAB meeting for the position of CAB chair, Vice Chair of Programing, and Vice Chair of Public Relations, Tuesday.
During the meeting, CAB chair Trista Schell passed the gravel onto Kimberly Hernandez, making her the new CAB chair and opening up her position as Vice Chair of Programming. Isabella Irish, 21, senior of Hemingford, resigned from Vice Chair of Relations, and accepted the position of Vice Chair of Programming. Ashley Gebhard, 20, sophomore of Grand Island, was elected Vice Chair of Relations.
CAB is hosting a Christmas Pool Party Friday, Dec. 8, from 7-10 p.m. at the Chadron Area Aquatic and Wellness Center.
“There will be snacks, drinks, and music,” Hernandez said. “So, spread the word, and I hope to see you guys there.”
Casino Night, hosted by CAB, went well, with a turnout of 120 students.
The next Free Movie Night is Sunday with “Coco,” “The Star,” and “Wonder” showing.
“Let your clubs know so that we can get a good turnout,” Irish said.
An Organization Information sheet was sent out on Monday, to club presidents and advisors answering any questions about organization allocations. The sheet answer questions about what funds are and where they come from, as well as where clubs can use allocation funds to purchase items for their organizations.
“The Activities Fee Board has been working really hard to try and answer your questions,” Snyder said “If you guys have any additional questions that you feel your clubs might have, just email the AFB email, otherwise you can email me specifically.”
A Library Learning Commons Survey was handed out at the meeting to “measure the satisfaction with the library materials, online resources, and services offered” at the library.
“We appreciate your feedback,” Adviser Deena Kennell said. “There are some likely changes happening at the learning center.”
The Health and Wellbeing committee is looking into have a health and wellbeing fair event in the spring semester.
“In the spring semester, we are looking into some kind of mental health/wellbeing programing,” said Student Activies Director Megan Bren. “So, if you guys have any ideas, or want to contribute to that please let us know.”
There is no CAB meeting Tuesday, as it is finals week.

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