CSC Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz tackle challenging music for final concert of the semester

Joe Cline, 23, senior of Morrill, plays a trumbone solo during the CSC Jazz Band concert Tuesday night in Memorial Hall Auditorium. The band was directed by Professor Michael Stephens, PhD.

The seven members of Vocal Jazz, under the direction of Joel Schreuder, professor of music, opened the night with “Not While I’m Around,” arranged by Kerry Marsh, and “Bill Bailey,” arranged by Ken Kraintz.
The famous songs, “Beyond the Sea,” “Angel Eyes,” “In a Mellow Tone” and “I Could Write a Book,” offered the audience diverse rhythms performed by the talented Vocal Jazz students.
“My favorite part is getting on stage and interacting with everyone else in the ensemble. It’s fun to see everyone smile and move to the music, and I think that helps the audience get more into the concert, too!” Katelyn Lambert, 19, sophomore of Scottsbluff said.
“It can be hard singing along with everyone, just because jazz chords are a lot different than typical chords,” Lambert added, “but when the chords fall into place, it’s always really exciting to see what kind of music we can create.”
Following Vocal Jazz was CSC’s Jazz Band, with the direction of Michael Stephens, associate professor of music. The band created beautiful sound with various instruments.
“[Our set had] a lot of technical challenges with fingering, and the fast rhythms,” Kallie Bush, 20, junior of Kimball, said when asked about her challenges when performing.
Bush added that she was pleased with their performance and look forward to performing many other pieces next year.
“I was a little terrified but we made it fun. So that’s good!” Bush said.

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