Give yourself a break during “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

The nightmare before Christmas. As much as I wish this was a piece about Tim Burton or Jack Skellington, that is not the nightmare before Christmas I am talking about. I am talking about finals week.
A living nightmare that students must endure more often than they prefer. Students all over campus are studying and cramming for the final tests that could possibly make or break their grade.
With just a little time before finals start a few questions pop into mind. How can we get through this nightmare? What is the best way to conquer the upcoming finals week? I have five tips that you can use to help get you through finals!
The first is to prioritize your study time. Do not put off studying to right before your test. Schedule yourself enough time to review notes and any other material you may need to know before the exam.
Maybe find someone in your class that would want to study with you and review.
Second, try to stay well rested. I know that this is way easier said than done. But pulling an all-nighter to study is not as effective as getting rest before an exam.
Make sure you allow yourself time for studying but also enough time for your brain and body to rest.
The third tip is to make sure you take breaks and socialize a bit between studying. For me I have a hard time studying for hours on end without my brain feeling completely fried. I make sure to set a goal for myself then take a break.
When you take a break go for a walk or see if a friend wants to grab coffee!
Giving yourself a break from studying is important so you do not overwhelm yourself. Also getting some fresh air can be relieving after studying for awhile!
My fourth tip is to put your phone and unnecessary electronics out of view. I try to keep my phone in my bag or across my room when I study so I do not end up spending forty minutes on Youtube watching fail compilation videos.
If you are studying on a computer log out of your social media accounts so you are not tempted to scroll through them.
The last and most important tip is to encourage yourself. When you are feeling overwhelmed and tired take a minute to give yourself a pep talk.
Before finals week print out some encouraging quotes and hang them around your room or house. Or maybe print out some of your favorite meme’s. Whatever will encourage you to get through this nightmare before Christmas break.
I hope that these five tips will help you get through finals and encourage you to do your very best with the upcoming week! May the odds be ever in your favor my dudes!

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