I wish for peace between Disney and ksckwake1

Let me say this, there are many things that are out of my control. I don’t know everything and what’s going on in any situation, nor do I have any control over any situation. I also can’t control what decisions Disney makes or what the fanfiction writer ksckwake1 thinks.
Here’s what I’ve talked about before; ksckwake1 thinks Disney took parts of one of his fanfictions and make into “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.” But, he has stated that he isn’t sure if it is true, then stated what other ideas they were exploiting, if it is. I don’t know everything about this situation or on each side of those stories. I don’t even know if Disney is aware of this situation or not.
Here’s the thing, I like a lot of things from ksckwake1’s work in his fanfictions and I like various things coming from Disney.
I like how ksckwake1 gave Elsa a fire-wielding boyfriend and other parts of his fanfictions, like Chapter 16 of his “Frozen 2: Fire and Ice” fanfiction, which I discussed about before.
From Disney, I like various movies and other things made by Disney.
Personally, I think ksckwake1 would be good addition for the latest “Frozen 2” project. It would be nice seeing him getting involved and having various aspects of his fanfictions being based into a movie. Mostly, I would like to see Elsa getting a fire-wielding beau on the big screen.
But, if he doesn’t want to be involved, it would be nice if he gave Disney permission to use his ideas in a fair way for the project.
But, the thing is, I would like to see peace between those two. I don’t have any control over in this situation, but it would be nice to see peace between them.
To ksckwake1, if you read this, I just want to thank you for your work. Please don’t be hard on Disney.
I am aware of some of the slip-ups they had and please don’t think negatively of them. In my opinion, I think you would make good addition to Disney’s “Frozen 2” project, but it’s your choice if you want to be involved in the project or not. If Disney does offer you a spot for that project, I encourage you to join in. But, if don’t want to, just give Disney permission to use your ideas in a fair way.
To Disney, I want to thank you for the various movies you given us. If you read this, please don’t be mad at ksckwake1 for thinking that you took his ideas.
If you didn’t, could you please show him that you didn’t do it? I personally think ksckwake1 would be perfect addition for latest “Frozen 2” project, because of his various ideas in his fanfictions, but it’s your choice.
For both Disney and ksckwake1, I wish peace for you and peace between you. Again, thank you both.

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