Jones reads exercpts from his 2018 book

Markus Egeler Jones, assistant professor in English and Humanities, presented a public reading, Thursday in the Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center Chicoine Atrium.
Jones was the first reader of the CSC Distinguished Writer Series, sponsored by the English and Humanities department. He will be followed by two poets.
A graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, Jones’ first novel “How the Butcher Bird Finds Her Voice” will be published in early 2018. Jones has also had short stories appear in “Crab Fat Magazine.” The stories include “The Story Shake,” “The Windward Review,” “The Wild Word,” “The New Mexico Review” and “Gehenna & Hinnom,” and others.
The first reading was an excerpt from his novel, “How the Butcher Bird Found Her Voice,” a love story set in a dystopian south. The two main characters Cindy and Chicken Noodle are in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at an event where people burn a giant paper mache marionette. On each scrap of paper that goes into the marionette is something that the people want to unburn from themselves.
Towards the end of the reading Cindy gets lost at the event trying to throw her own paper in the bonfire and Chicken Noodle burns her paper for her.
His second reading, a short story he wrote a few months before, was a murder mystery.
One of the main characters, Max is having an affair with a woman named Darla. In order to be with Max, Darla murders her husband, and hides him in the freezer in her basement.
The event had a major turnout with about 100 students and faculty who showed up.

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