RLA brings holiday fun to relive stress before finals

Sleigh bells ring as students dash into December at RLA’s Christmas Extravaganza, Saturday afternoon in the Hub.
With festive activities – like cookie and stocking decorating, present wrapping, pin the nose on Rudolph and Don’t Forget the Lyrics Christmas Edition – students were given a chance to unwind before finals.
“It’s just a fun time for people to come out, take a break and have something to do during the day,” RA Emily Still, 22, senior of Scottsbluff, said.
Still’s favorite activity was decorating a stocking.
RA Cody Cooper, 23, senior of Gothenburg, said, “I thought it would just lighten the mood because it is really festive and fun.”
Still said they were planning a Christmas theme program and it eventually “exploded” into a four hour program lots of crafts and holiday themed treats. RLA provided students with eggnog, apple cider, cookies and various teas.
About 80 students were expected participate in the program Cooper said. The final count was 84 students.
Everyone who participated in the program was entered to win a prize. Each prize sat under a Christmas tree and was wrapped like a gift. Students chose a gift without knowing what the prize actually was.
The Christmas Extravaganza also had its own Santa Claus, played by RA Devin Fulton, 21, sophomore of Glenrock, Wyoming.
“I love Christmas,” said Fulton. “I just wanted to do what I could to use my personality as a platform to bring joy to the CSC students”

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