Sato captivates audiences during her last recital

A senior of the music department performed her last recital at CSC Friday at Memorial Hall auditorium.
Natsuki Sato, 22, senior of Oita-shi, Japan, opened the night with a Prelude and Fugue for piano by Johann Sebastian Bach. She offered audiences diverse music melody from famous pianists and composers.
The second piece was Piano Sonata No. 8, Op. 13, “Grande Sonate Pathétique,” by Ludwig van Beethoven, including three movements with different atmospheres.
“For all three of these movements, Beethoven plays with our emotions in a good way,” Sato said. “Devastating phrases are followed by joyful, hopeful ones. And then all of a sudden, the music is in an infuriated tone.”
After the intermission, Sato performed Consolation No. 3 by Franz Liszt, Suite for Piano, Op. 14, by Béla Bartók, and Bagatelle, Op. 59, No. 9, by Nicolai Kapustin.
“Her performance was amazing. She played really well,” Kallie Bush, 20, junior of Kimball, said.
Sato impressed audiences with her skillful technique.
“It’s the result of years and years of her practice. She really excels at the performance today,” Brook Hafey, assistant professor of music, said. He’s also Sato’s instructor in piano studio class.
Sato said she prepared for this since August and was very nervous for the recital.
“Sugar!” Sato said when she was asked how to stay calm and confident during the show.

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