Senate supports faculty-in-residents program

Senate voted unanimously to support the Faculty-in-Residence program, a pilot program with plans to be initiated next semester.
“We’re not making the final decision, we are just supporting it, yes or no,” Senate President Carly Slaght said. “This is going to be a pilot program for not only us, but for the faculty and staff, so nobody really knows how it’s going to work until we put it into place and have it working.”
Resident Advisors specifically want more information on the new program.
Senate currently has a budget of $21,846.40 in unallocated funds, which will be changing before next semester to allow more money for Spring Daze and other upcoming spring events.
Senate unanimously appointed Shaniya DeNaeyer as the new chair for the By-Law Revision Committee.
CAB reported to Senate that last Friday’s Casino Night had 120 people in attendance, and there will be a pool party, Friday, from 7-10 p.m.
The last Free Movie Night of the semester is Sunday. “The Star,” “Wonder” and “Coco” will be shown.
After a petition on meal plan restrictions was brought to Senate and tabled until further discussion with Dining Services, Vice President Johnathan Sayaloune reported that contracts with Dining Services are reevaluated every five years. The next re-contracting will not be until 2020.
Library Learning Commons Surveys were distributed at the Senate meeting, and were to be returned at the end of the meeting.
Organization allocation information sheets were also distributed to Senate. The Organization Allocations information sheet contained information regarding how funds are allocated and how allocation funds can be used by organizations.
“[The Organization Allocations sheets] just got sent out to the clubs as well, so if you know anyone who would like that, go ahead and forward it on. It’s for whoever wants it,” Vice President of Finance Lukas Klueber said.
Senate is still looking for justices for the spring semester. The position of solicitor general will be opening up again in the spring.
“Just a reminder, the solicitor general is a semester position, so we will start receiving applications again. Those will be due to the court,” Chief Justice Samantha Merrill said.
Those interested in either position should contact Merrill.

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