Advising Center moved to library commons

“The Advising Center has been moved to the Library Learning Commons,” Konnery Klueber said. “It doesn’t really change anything that they are doing, it’s just a change in location.”
Senate has a current budget of $21,846.40 in
unallocated funds.
“This number will be changing within the next weeks,” Vice President of Finance Lukas Klueber said. “After the add and drop period ends, and the refund period ends, we will have a number for you guys.”
In another matter, Edna Hall Senator Perkins was
impeached on account of an attendance violation.
The court is looking for a new Solicitor General, as well as a new Justice.
If anyone is interested, they should contact Chief Justice Samantha Merrill or Senate President Carly Slaght. Paperwork for the position of Solicitor General should be turned in by Jan. 22.
CAB is hosting a pool party, alongside Project Strive, to start “I Hate Winter Week,” from 6-9 p.m. on Friday. CAB is also hosting a free bowling night on Sunday at the Hilltop Lanes bowling alley.
The CAB meeting on Feb. 20 will be converted to a budget workshop to help students understand the process of budget hearings. Budget hearings will be held March 19-22, and appeals will be held on March 26 and 27.
“This is important, so spread the news about it,” Klueber said. “It’s a normal CAB meeting, so if other club members want to come, they can. We want as many people to come as possible.”
In another matter, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is on Jan. 15. Several events are being hosted co-sponsored by the Social Science Club, the CSC Diversity Committee and Residence Life Association including, “Backlash to Brown v. Board: Senator John Stennis and the Destruction of Public Schools,” featuring David Nesheim, “Reflections on ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’,” featuring CSC faculty members Mary Clai Jones and Dr. Elisabeth Ellington.
There will also be a screening of a documentary, “Sixty years after the Little Rock Nine faced violent resistance when desegregating Central High in Arkansas, America’s schools continue to represent the key battleground of the Civil Rights Movement,” “Indigenous Education and Civil Rights: Mexico, South Africa, and the United States,” featuring CSC faculty members Dr. Robert Knight, Dr. Thomas Smith, and Dr. David Christensen, and Henderson’s lecture, “Brown v. Board of Education: Voices of the Legacy.”
The Hilltop Lanes bowling alley is now open. It costs $3.50 a game, and $1 for shoes.

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