Pay more attention to detail

Nothing is ever perfect, no matter how hard we try. However, the mistakes you make throughout your career can very soon catch up to you and define you. Something as small as a few typos or an incomplete sentence in an email you send to a professor can leave a lasting impression on them and their view of you.
If you make small mistakes, people will not see the value that you provide or the talent you have. It can give you the impression of laziness.
There are a few ways you can slowly learn to pay more attention to detail in your life. Learning these skills early can benefit you in the career field, nearly regardless of your path.
One way is to start doing projects in small chunks, and not tackling the whole thing at once. By starting projects early, it also gives you time to iterate and improve your work in all parts of a project. When you are being rushed or have too much to look at at once, your judgment and attention skills can become compromised.
Another way is to have people to proofread things. As an English major, I’ve found immense value in this. Getting another point of view can draw your attention to small things you may have overlooked.
Finally, try stopping when you’re tired and pick it back up when you’re rested and have more focus. As a college student, I get it, we don’t always have that luxury. However, something as simple as walking away for five minutes, taking a quick nap, or going for a fifteen-minute jog can make all the difference in the world and get your “creative juices” flowing or a fresh perspective.
While perfection can be a long-shot, it’s never a bad thing to strive for. Put your best foot forward, and everything will fall into place.

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