Stick to your New Year’s Resolution

As every New Year begins, people post all over social media about their New Year’s resolution.
I saw people saying they were going to give up soda to people saying they wanted to spend less time on their phone to wanting to become a regular in the gym.
Every single year I see people make this attempt to make huge
differences in their own lives. Many of them don’t stick to it.
I wondered why so many people didn’t achieve this goal they set for themselves. I came to the conclusion that maybe it’s not about the goal that is set but the expectation that comes along with it.
Many people do really well the first week or so then when they can’t seem to reach their goal right away they say, “Well, there is always next year.”
That’s a waste of 11 months! You can achieve your goal if you go about it in a way that is a bit more manageable.
I believe that if you set yourself a weekly goal to achieve the bigger goal in the long run you will reach that goal.
For example, if you want to stop drinking soda, the first week maybe you should not drink it one day. Just start with one day and as each week progresses set yourself a new goal. Instead of going cold turkey, it makes your goal more obtainable.
The same can be said about going to the gym. Carve out two to three times a week that you can go in and walk around the track or lift weights. Maybe try a Group Fit class!
Also, try to find someone who also has the same goal as you and hold each other accountable. Set aside an hour in your schedule to go for a walk.
Having these small stepping stones make the overall goal more obtainable. Instead of trying to get to the top of the mountain by jumping, try creating footholds to get you to the top.
If you have a setback use the footholds you had and start climbing again.
It will be easier to recover from a shortfall between weekly goals than falling from trying to achieve it with one big jump.
I am not saying this is a foolproof plan. You do have to encourage yourself and remind yourself why you set that goal.
But I believe if you choose a weekly goal it will be more beneficial in the long run.
I hope this advice helps you achieve your New Year’s Resolution!

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