“The Last Jedi” needs more time for storyline

I grew up watching Star Wars. My father used to always say that my education wasn’t complete until I had seen it – specifically episodes 4, 5 and 6. So, naturally, when they started to make new Star Wars movies, I was, to put it mildly, very excited.
When “The Force Awakens” came out in 2015, I was practically vibrating in the line to get our tickets at the theater – just as my dad and brother. I knew that it wasn’t going to be the same as those I grew up watching, how could it without George Lucas and the original scriptwriters? Still, I was determined to give Disney the benefit of the doubt. I am, after all, a huge Disney nerd.
And while there were definitely parts of “The Force Awakens” that rang true with traditional Star Wars movies, there was still a noticeable difference between the Star Wars that I knew and loved and this fresh chapter.
Still, I was just as excited when “Rogue One” came out and while it, too, was a bit different from what I knew of Star Wars, it held many more similarities to the series that I was so caught up in. It may seem ambiguous to say, but it just felt more like Star Wars than “The Force Awakens” had.
So here we are now, the end of another year, which means another Star Wars movie. It’s always exciting to sit in the theater and hear the theme song blast through the speakers while the beginning credits start to roll. That is probably hands down one of my favorite pastimes, in general. So, A+ to Disney for including that this time, since it wasn’t in “Rogue One” and I was a bit disappointed as a result.
The first thing that comes to mind when I think about “The Last Jedi” is that a lot happens. Honestly, it’s almost like there’s a little bit too much, like no matter how well you pay attention, it’s so action packed and just filled to the brim with one thing after the next that it’s hard to process in only one sit through. You almost have to watch it again to be able to actually register everything going down throughout, not to mention all the subliminal things that are going on between all the characters.
The next thing that comes to mind is how angry Kilo Ren is.
That’s no surprise, though. He was angry in “The Force Awakens,” too. But it didn’t hit me during that movie the way it hit me in this one. I kind of imagine the guy being so angry all the time that he never sees any color except red. He may as well have a red fog that permeates his vision constantly, because that’s sort of how he acts.
Additionally, I found myself mildly disappointed with Mark Hamill’s role in the whole thing. While parts of it resounded with the Luke Skywalker that I grew up knowing, this version of him was harder to connect with than that younger man, fresh on his path to becoming a Jedi when he left Tatooine with Obiwan. It makes sense that he would be different – so much has changed, after all – but it was still a bit disappointing that he was so unrecognizable as a character.
Overall, it wasn’t a bad movie and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. But my first viewing left me reeling with everything that happened and it’s always hard to give an accurate description of a movie when you’re left with that kind of feeling afterward.
I understand that Disney has big shoes to fill by taking over the Star Wars franchise and they are allowed their creative license. However, they should be careful about trying to cram too much into a two-and-a-half-hour time span. There’s a fine line between enough action to keep things interesting and too much action to the point where you don’t get any break and it’s all ‘go, go, go!’ the entire time.
Overall, I would give “The Last Jedi” a three or three-and-a-half star review out of five stars, largely because it left me with so many questions and a sense that the movie was missing something. It’s always dangerous, Disney, when you try to shove too much into a movie. You have time. I think this movie would have gone over a bit better if they had taken some of that time to spread this storyline out a little more and develop these relationships and new characters more fully.

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