NSCS Chancellor announces budget cuts

Nebraska State College System (NSCS) Chancellor Stan Carpenter announced new budget cuts for the state colleges after a meeting with the college presidents, Thursday, Jan. 11.
Carpenter states in an email on Jan. 11 that the cuts are due to state tax receipts falling below projections and loss of tuition revenue due to a decline in enrollment. The NSCS cuts proposed by Governor Pete Ricketts include a two percent cut in state money for the NSCS for the 2017-2018 fiscal year and four percent cut for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.
Along with the proposed cuts, NSCS must make budget cuts to cover the cost of “core needs” without state assistance. The email states “core needs” of the NSCS include salary and benefit increases, utility cost increases, building opening costs and general operating cost increases.
Budget cuts will be immediately implemented and include cuts to personnel, travel, contractual services, furniture, computer and other equipment/capital purchases, utilities and operating supplies.
In terms of personnel, the search to fill any vacant or new positions will be halted and the positions will not be filled unless deemed “absolutely essential to the core mission of the College.” The President must approve any increase to current budgeted hours for temporary workers, like student workers, and Graduate Assistant employment.
All travel will be halted except for travel for board meetings and council of presidents meetings, recruitment travel and athletic team travel – any other travel must have prior written approval by the Vice President for Administration and Finance and the President.
No professional development travel will be scheduled “until further notice.” Tickets and/or conference registrations paid for before the budget cuts were issued on Jan. 11 must be approved by the appropriate Vice President.
“I know many of these spending restraints are painful; however, it is important that we all work together during this economic downturn to make a difference,” Carpenter said in his email. “…[W]e know that our Colleges will weather this economic storm. We will continue to provide an affordable, quality, higher education to our students.”

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