Student senate is looking to recruit new senators

Senate discussed incentives for senators as a method of recruitment.
“We want a full senate,” Konnery Klueber said. “The more people we have, the better.”
Suggestions for incentives for senators included scholarships and class credit.
“We do a lot of work as a Senate. Essentially, we are looking for something to get senators to come, and increase our market of what senators are,” Konnery Klueber said. “If we have a full senate year-round, we can get a lot more things done. This is not something that we want to close up, and say that we want to have a closed society where we are all getting paid money. This is very open and transparent. This is something rewarding those students for what they
are doing.”
Senate currently has a budget of $21, 846.40 in
unallocated funds.
“This number will be changing within the next weeks with our spring allocation coming in soon,” Vice President of Finance Lukas Klueber said.
“When tuition is paid, then fees with go up,” Adviser Deena Kennell said.
The court is looking for a new Solicitor General, as well as a new Justice.
If anyone is interested, they should contact Chief Justice Samantha Merrill, or Senate President Carly Slaught. Paperwork for the position of Solicitor General should be turned in by Monday, Jan. 22.
In another matter, Mr. Markus Jones has taken the position as Student Senate Adviser.
CAB hosted a pool party, alongside Project Strive, on Friday to start “I Hate Winter” week, which yielded a turnout of 39 students. CAB split the cost of the pool party with Project Strive which came to a total of $203.38. The total cost of the event came to $406.76.
CAB also hosted a free bowling night on Sunday at Hilltop Lanes, which yielded a turnout of 155 students. The free bowling night came to a total of $1,200.
CAB also elected Stephanie Gardener as new Vice Chair of Public Relations.
“We are doing faculty advising in the Library Learning commons now,” Kennell said. “I think that we have about 10 advisers scheduled right now. The idea of that is for you to have the opportunity to come have scholarly conversations with faculty about your degree or in general.”

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