Find a fulfilling job on campus

As I enter my final semester of college, as some of you may be as well, it’s time to start reflecting on some of your favorites memories. While some of you might remember late night McDonald’s runs or dressing up for home athletic events the best, some of my favorite memories have happened at my different jobs.
While having four different jobs on campus, I’ve able to experience many things that I will always remember.
Being a student ambassador, I have met some very outstanding people who have visited Chadron State. It’s always nice seeing someone you gave a tour to come to campus for New Student Orientation in August.
Other jobs of mine have also brought memories I’ll have for a very long time. Working for athletics or being a parking cop have all been great moments of my college career. From what I can tell, most jobs on campus would be the same way.
The supervisors at on campus jobs go out of their way to make sure you’re doing alright. Instead of just being your boss, they make sure you know they care. They keep up with everything happening in your life and make sure everything is ok. If something comes up, don’t worry, they completely understand.
For all students, no matter what grade you are, I highly recommend getting an on-campus job. They help builds skills and connections that you will have for a lifetime. The best part, you get payed for it.
There are over 50 jobs for students to have, whether you qualify for work study or not. Every single one of them works around your schedule as well. I’ve worked with multiple people who are college athletes but still have time to work.
With college being full of distractions, having jobs is a great way to stay busy. Last semester, while working 35 hours a week, I was more focused on my schooling than I have been in a long time. They keep you focused and help you make your college a better place.
I highly recommend finding a job on campus sometime during your college career. They will work completely around your schedule, you’ll make friendships and learn things you’ll have forever and you get paid while doing it.
All broke college students can always use extra money, so go out and earn it yourself.

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