“Grey’s Anatomy” deemed binge-worthy

“Grey’s Anatomy” is a show that everyone has at least heard of, if not seen. Season 14 was just released last Thursday, Jan. 19, and people are still just as excited about this season’s premiere as they were when the show first started.
What is it that makes this hit medical TV show so popular? I think there are many things that have made the show a cult favorite. The series focuses on a group of Seattle doctors, who we watched start as interns and have now become the seasoned, great doctors we see on the show today.
Growing with the cast and seeing all the crazy ups and downs that the show has to offer draws its audience in week after week. With its suspenseful cliffhangers and its heartbreaking tragedies, the show always has a way of leaving you wanting a little more “Grey’s.”
Throughout the 14 seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy,” there have been a countless number of deaths and losses, making the show an emotional roller coaster. I will not give away any spoilers for those who have not watched the entire show, but there definitely are some major heartbreaks coming any watcher’s way. Who will Shonda Rhimes, the
program creator of “Grey’s Anatomy,” take away from us next?
Along with all of “Grey’s Anatomy’s”
drama, the show also comes with a great amount of surgeries. Every resident and attending physician wants that one dream surgery, and they fight hard to get it.
With the many surgeries come the plethora of medical terms that are used throughout the show; you could learn a thing or two if you pay enough attention. I think every “Grey’s” fan will know what a scalpel is and that it is never a good thing when a doctor yells, “Push two of epi!” There are even “Grey’s Anatomy” medical terminology quizzes you can take online to test your knowledge of medical terminology used during the show. I finished with a 100 percent, I think it’s safe to say I am a hard-core “Grey’s Anatomy” fan.
If you are looking for that new binge-worthy Netflix TV series, or need something to rewatch, then “Grey’s Anatomy” is the show for you.

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