“It’s better to be busy than bored”

I was raised on the fact that being busy is always better than being bored. In high school, I was involved in over thirteen clubs and organizations. My junior and senior year, I also worked three jobs.
It wasn’t easy, but I’ve always preferred being busy than bored. It helped prepare me for the busyness of college, as well.
It’s important for your emotional health. Whether the busyness is from a social life or academic and community involvement, it’s always better to be able to occupy yourself.
When there is stress occurring in one’s life, one of the best coping methods research has found is to occupy oneself with other healthy activities. Studies have also shown that busy people are happy people. If one has a balance between staying busy and having time to recharge, they are more likely to be emotionally healthy. It provides one with a feeling of purpose in life.
How can it make you healthier? At the end of the night, after a busy day, the body is more exhausted and you sleep better. It can also help strengthen your immune system.
The most important thing, however, is to keep busy with activities that you enjoy. If you occupy yourself with things that you hate, you’ll only be more miserable (obviously).
Try participating in an intramural sport, getting involved in a career-related club, or joining community choir or band. It can also benefit your social life as well by meeting new people or getting involved with your friends.
One of my favorite things about being busy, is that when I have some down time, it’s easier to justify an episode of Netflix or personal reading to myself. When you’re doing more things instead of sitting in your room in between classes watching Netflix, it’s easier to justify a quick episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” to yourself at the end of the day before you crack-down for a couple hours of homework.

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