Minute to Win It: RLA challenges students to six time-based competitions

Students went head-to-head in a minute or less to compete for a variety of prizes, last Friday in The Hub.
RLA hosted “Minute to Win It,” an event where students had a minute to complete various tasks inspired by the television show, “Minute to Win It.”
Mariah Nelson, assistant director of
residence life, decided to bring this event back after hosting it in the past.
“It was something that I thought would get a lot of people involved,” Nelson said.
Six games were set up throughout The Hub, and each game was ran by an RA
working the event. The winner of each round would get a signature from the RA in charge of the game.
Once a participant earned every RA’s signature after winning each of the six events, they were then entered to win a prize.
Some of the prizes given away throughout the night included an ottoman, the
game Catchphrase, Tide Pods, some mugs and candy.
“I think [the program is] a lot of fun,” Jacob Otvafi, 20, junior of Sparks, Nevada, said.
One of the stations had a row of plastic cups lined up, and two competitors would face off to see who could push the cups off of the edge of the table. The catch? Competitors had to blow up a balloon and use the escaping air to push the cups off of the table’s edge.
At another station, students had to
complete a 24-piece puzzle in ninety seconds.
Competitors also had to knock over
water bottles using pantyhose attached to their heads.
The event competed with Friday night’s basketball game at the Chicoine Center, which provided for poor turnout early on in the night. But, more participants arrived after the basketball game had finished.
RLA’s next sponsored event is “Fantastic Contraption,” tomorrow night in The Hub.

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