Seize the day

As an English literature major I get the chance to read, a lot. I read loads of books and articles every week from all over the world. They range from different cultures and genres each containing something different. To me, there is nothing more amazing than reflecting on what words people thought were important to write down so maybe someone could read them one day.
I recently came upon a story written in 2100 B.C. called “The Epic of Gilgamesh.” There was a quote that sparked a thought in my head.
“Always be happy, night and day. Make every day a delight, night and day play and dance.”
I thought this quote was beautiful and really captured what life is about: to seize every single day.
The thought that was sparked is: are we really told to seize the day in this day and age? I realize that far too often we are simply expected to go through a certain set of steps and that is called “life.” We are expected to go to school, graduate, get into a good college, get a degree, get a job, get married, get a house, raise a family and work until we retire.
I think this is what society expects from us, but what happened to taking advantage of every single day we are given? Are we too busy trying to check these things off our to do list to make time for small adventures and good memories?
This quote made me think about all the people I know that are trying to rush through this journey without stopping to sightsee. If you feel like you are someone who maybe does not take advantage of every single day, I have a challenge for you.
This week, I challenge you to do something you don’t normally do. If there’s snow get some friends together and go sledding. Try a new restaurant instead of going to the same place and ordering the same thing. If you don’t normally read, pick up a short story. You could invite some friends to go bowling.
Call an old friend and catch up. Write a letter to your parents or grandparents. Plan a weekend getaway with your friends.
To be honest, the possibilities are endless. Take advantage of the day and try something new. You never know if you will get the same opportunity tomorrow.
Seize the day my friends.

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