Senate approves half of CAB spring 2018 budget

Senate approved the Spring 2018 CAB budget of $10,000, half of the $20,000 budget they originally requested. The budget is broken down in $8,000 for four movie nights, $6,400 for four bowling nights, $2,000 for Spring Daze Event, $2,000 for the Big Event, $1,000 for two small events, and $600 for miscellaneous fees. The budget was split between two payments.
Senate also allocated $3,000 toward the funding of a speaker, Bryan Omally, for Dr. Madson’s FYI 169 Survival Skills 101 course. The event would be open to the entire campus and the community.
Senate has a current budget of $21,846.40 in unallocated funds.
The court is looking for a new Solicitor General, as well as a new Justice. If anyone is interested, they should contact Chief Justice Samantha Merrill, or Senate President Carly Slaght.
Aaron Seeger Wood, junior of Mineral Wells, Texas was elected into a senator position.
CAB is hosting a free movie night this Sunday at the Eagle Theatre. Doors open at 6:45 p.m., and CAB is showing “The Commuter”, “Hostiles”, and “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure”.
In another matter, Student Trustee Ashley Goad, junior of Pueblo West, Colorado, suggested a campaign that senate could support tentatively called “They’re just like us.” The campaign is meant to show students that their professors are just like the students.
Director of Assessment Dr. Nesheim announced that the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) reaffirmed CSC’s accreditation based on certain criteria. With this reaffirmation, one of the criteria they look for is that there are outcomes for co-curricular programs, which are similar to student learning outcomes that students have in their classes.
“We have a draft definition of what co-curricular programs are and the draft outcomes,” Dr. Nesheim said. “What we are trying to get is student feedback on whether or not you guys think that these outcomes are things we value, things we want to have happen or things that should be happening within the career professional developments.”
Dr. Nesheim asked senate to take a survey to rate and provide feedback on the co-curricular outcomes.
“At some point these outcomes are going to become policy, and they are going to be the outcomes for the institution. Everyone on campus has a chance to take this,” Dr. Nesheim said. “I’m asking for your input and four minutes of your time. Answer it however you feel you should answer it. There’s no right or wrong answer. Your input is very really important.”

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