“Algedonic” is a journey through heartbreak

On Dec. 17, 2017, r. h. Sin released his collection of
poetry, “Algedonic.” When the news came to me just a month before, there was no hesitation to
pre-order it on Amazon. Sin is an author that speaks to young people who are still learning their worth and what they deserve in life.
In this book, he takes the journey with the reader through heartbreak.
The first half of the book is called “Pain | Chaos.” It contains short poems on black paper. This section is
dedicated to the reality of what heartbreak can do to someone’s self-esteem. One of my favorites from this section of the book is, “who were you before the aches / of a broken heart / who were you / before the world decided / to tear you apart.”
The second half of the book is called “Pleasure | Peace.” This part of the book focuses on healing and a renewed feeling of value and self-worth. These poems, on the other hand, are written on white paper. I think the choice of paper color was genius and worked well with the mood of the poems.
One of my favorite poems from this section, is the very final one. It says “she found life in the night / like a rose blooming / without the sun.” This book is not only empowering for women, but it takes into account the emotions and events we overcome to become strong women we are today and continue to grow.
The majority of Sin’s poems are quite short, ranging from 3-6 lines typically. This makes them an easy and quick read for busy college students, such as myself.
The book, a short 121 pages, makes for the perfect quick read before bed. Since it doesn’t tell a story, it makes it perfect for just a few pages to read a night and to not get lost in all of the story.
This book is perfect for the young, busy, college student going through heartbreak and learning her self-worth.
The quote on the back of the cover sums up what this book is about perfectly, “joy sits behind the curtain of pain.” I think everyone needs to be reminded of that every once in a while.

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