“Black Mirror” provides modern spin on “The Twilight Zone”

Imagine a world where technology has completely taken over. Robots do basically everything for us, we all have implants in our eyes that we can use to play virtual reality games or use the Internet and have machines that can read through our memories to solve crimes.
The Netflix Original series, “Black Mirror”, delves into what our lives would be like in these types of situations. The anthology series, created and written by Charlie Booker, examines our society, and episodes are typically set in the future or in an alternate reality version of the present. Booker’s own paranoia of the potential effects of tech overload comes through in full force when the dark side of human ingenuity is exposed in these stories.
Along with a history of past accolades, Booker won a Primetime Emmy Award for his writing on the “Black Mirror” episode, “San Junipero” in 2017.
To say it is binge-worthy is a massive understatement. With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 96 percent and a score of 8.9/10 on IMDb, “Black Mirror” is a home run. The British-based series has some seriously dark, satirical themes and with each episode produced as a stand-alone, this is a great series for those who have a whole weekend to watch or just a couple of hours.
The series draws on themes of human dependency on technology, and can be seen as a warning of what the world could be like. With inspiration from the American series, “The Twilight Zone,” the series is controversial to say the least.
The only problem with the show is that the lead-off episode, “The National Anthem,” is nauseating and not for the faint of heart. It is worthy of skipping and the rest of the series is much more watchable, dealing with less cringe-worthy topics.
The series is also well-cast with recognizable names like Jon Hamm, who stars in “Mad Men,” “The Town” and “Million Dollar Arm,” and Daniel Kaluuya, best known for the male lead in “Get Out.” “Game of Thrones” actor, Jerome Flynn, also makes an appearance. Additionally, there are some talented up-and-coming stars that help propel the plots of the episodes.
With four seasons out now, there is enough “Black Mirror” to take the viewer on the dystopian ride of a lifetime. While dark and gloomy sometimes, “Black Mirror” is full of thought-provoking ideas and makes the watcher more aware of their own dependency on technology.
Most episodes rely on creating a storyline, followed by a unique twist that the viewer is not expecting. This might be why the show keeps drawing viewers in and keeping their attention.
By building anxiety and creating a connection with those who watch, “Black Mirror” has created an almost cult-like following and is an absolute must-see if the viewer has a taste for the bizarre, yet possible, outcomes of humanity.

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