Find 10 things you love about yourself

We live in an era where everyone is on their phones all the time. Some people wake up and the first thing they do is check their phone. I can’t lie, I, myself am guilty of doing it a few times.
Social media can be a great place to stay in touch with friends and family who live far away. It can also allow you to share with your friends what you have been up to. Unfortunately, it can also be a very troubling place.
Most of us have been on Instagram or Facebook and follow our favorite celebrities. We see them hit the beaches while on vacation in their swimsuits with summer bodies in January. We even see makeup artists posting insanely cool makeup designs that you can’t even dream of doing.
But how does that impact the way we think about and see ourselves?
I think social media can have a terrible effect on people. I’ve heard everyone from young girls to adult men compare themselves to people they see on social media. We look at people on social media and often feel insecure about ourselves. I am guilty of scrolling through Instagram and feeling guilty about not looking like some of the fitness gurus I follow.
Realizing I was doing this I was determined to change my mindset because of how I started to view myself.
I started by writing down my favorite things about myself. I began by writing 10 things down on a sticky note that I felt good about myself every day. Sometimes, I wouldn’t fill up all 10. Regardless, I hung them up on my wall so I could see them. As I progressed through this journey of finding 10 things that I loved about myself I began to notice a trend.
At the very beginning, I put a variety of things on the list, ranging from how my hair looked that day to the outfit I picked out. The more I did the sticky notes I noticed the list changing. Some of the ones from my latest sticky note was my smile and my encouraging nature.
Notice the difference? At the beginning I was so focused on how I looked on the outside that it was preventing me from seeing what I really liked about myself.
The sticky note that I just made only had seven things on it and it ranged from my biceps to my laugh. I have learned that there is more to my beauty than what people see on the outside or what people might consider “Instagram worthy.”
I have encouraged myself to look deeper than just my skin. Not everything that I like about me can be noticed in a photo.
This week I challenge you to take part in this sticky note challenge.
You don’t have to ingest Tide pods to achieve this challenge. You just have to sit down and try for seven days to think of 10 new things everyday that you like about yourself. If you can’t think of 10, that’s alright. Try your best. And maybe, if you feel a little ambitious, give a sticky note to a friend of your favorite things about them.
The purpose of this challenge is to not only focus on your physical attributes, but the other features that make you you. But don’t feel like you can’t include physical attributes.
At the end of the seven days look back and see all the things that you wrote down. Encourage your friends to try it too. This challenge is to help you see all the wonderful things that make up the wonderful being that you are.

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