Life comes before homework

Ever since high school, I’ve been an overachiever, people-pleaser, and school has always come before everything. Coming from a small high school, I didn’t have much competition and it was easier to stand out. Upon coming to college, it didn’t take long to realize that once you come to college, you’re really not all that special.
No one’s here anymore to pat you on the back for doing a good job. It’s cut throat, and it’s scary to think that we’re not even in the “real world” that our parents and adults love telling us the horrors of.
One of the hardest realities I had to quickly learn to accept in college was the fact that it’s okay to not get all A’s. Of course, it’s something I always strive for, but I’ve learned that it’s surely not the end of the world if I don’t get an A on that test that I spent weeks preparing for. Sometimes, it just takes a reminder that a B is still technically above average.
Another harsh reality I had to learn in college was that, simply, not everyone’s going to like you. You can’t please everyone, it’s an unrealistic goal. Coming to this realization, I experienced one of the most anxiety-inducing and alleviating times in my life. Even today, I’m still adjusting to this and have to remind myself from time to time of this. Especially in terms of professors, I’ve had to accept that not all of them will love me as much as my teachers in high school did. And you know what? That’s OK.
Finally, one of my favorite things that I’ve learned in college that changed my life is that school isn’t everything.
In high school, I would never entertain the idea of going over to a friend’s house on a school night, even if it was to do homework. I had this preconceived notion that I wouldn’t get anything done there and would have too much fun. That’s right, I was afraid that I would have too much fun and wouldn’t get any homework done. Being in college, and also, by a part of me growing up, I realized that life comes before school.
If your friend is crying, comfort them. If your mother wants to talk, talk to her. If your friends are going sledding, go with them. I don’t care if you have three hours of homework to do, if your family wants to go out to eat, go with them.
You can always finish homework later or get one bad grade; but life … you can’t push that off for later. You only have one chance. And no homework assignment is more important than actually living your life.

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