Spoon or Fork: The ultimate debate

You’re celebrating a friend’s birthday, just setting down to a huge slice of chocolate swirl cake with cookies and cream ice cream. You reach out to select your utensil, then freeze. Fork or spoon, which should you choose?
This discussion has been going on since the first combination of cake and ice cream and still has no perfect solution. The fork is preferred for cake, and the spoon is the only way to eat ice cream, but which should you choose when eating them together?
The spoon’s main asset is its curved surface, useful for scooping up that last bit of ice cream left on the bowl or plate. However, the concave nature of the spoon does not translate well to cutting bites of cake. In fact, with a spoon you are more carving than cutting the cake.
I must confess that the spoon is my preferred utensil, and I quite enjoy the idea of carving out bits of food from the mountain of cake and ice cream. Nevertheless, I believe the fork deserves a fair trial.
The fork is wonderful for slicing off bits of cake and then stabbing the pieces to raise to your lips. Forks allow you to admire the perfect symmetry of the cake. However, forks are not made for eating ice cream. In fact, the only ice cream that can be eaten with a fork is the kind that’s hard and frozen. If that is the kind of ice cream you prefer, then go for a fork and enjoy your perfect cake bites.
This issue is not black and white, for there are other factors that influence your selection. For example, does it make a difference if served on a plate or a in bowl?
Personally, I prefer a curved spoon for bowls and a flat fork for plates. For many people it makes no difference. What if, instead of cake, you are eating pie with ice cream? Are sporks a possibility? Would you ever consider using both utensils and switching between bites?
It all comes down to whether you like cake or ice cream best. Those who love cake prefer forks, and those who adore ice cream prefer spoons. Each utensil has itvs merits.
So take a moment next time you eat cake and ice cream and think about why you chose your utensil. Ask your friends what they think, but be warned, strong feelings can get involved.
And please, if it’s your birthday party, make sure your guests have a choice.

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