Spring Daze budget presented to Senate

The Spring Daze budget was presented to Senate. The breakdown of the budget goes as follows:
· $1,000 for 200 t-shirts
· $200 for prizes
· $600 for decorations
· $400 for food/water
· $2,750 for club budgets ($50 per Club)
· $8,000 for inflatables
· $2,600 for Bongo Ball/Bubble Soccer
· $4,200 for staff shirts, hats, visors, etc.
· $1,300 for visors/hats
· $800 for Nostalgic items
· $400 for the bull riding competition prizes
· $1,000 for the Funny Farm Petting Zoo
· $2,500 for DJ
The total presented cost comes to $26,450.
Senate has a current budget of $8,646.40 in unallocated funds.
In another matter, applications for student trustee are due by noon Feb. 9, to Pat Beu. Applications require three letters of recommendation, and a statement explaining why one would be the person for the job.
The court is looking for a new Solicitor General, and have two applicants for the justice position. If anyone is interested, they should contact Chief Justice Samantha Merrill, or Senate President Carly Slaught.
“We will get an election timeline out to you guys very quickly,” said Merrill. “The court will hopefully be full soon. We have two very qualified applicants that we can select from, and we are still looking for a Solicitor General.”
In another matter, Senate has begun to enact the Feminine Hygiene Initiative on campus. Senate allocated $1,580 last school year to purchase 4,800 feminine products which will be placed in the Student Center restrooms.
CAB hosted their first Free Movie Night of the semester Sunday with a turnout of 179 students. CAB is also hosting a lip-sync battle Feb. 15, and is planning a pizza and PJ party. CAB also allocated $450 to fund the band club for the purchase of a series of entrepreneurial online courses for the Music Department.
Budget packets, and trip packets will be sent out to clubs Feb. 5, and the CAB meeting Feb. 20 will be converted to a budget workshop to help students understand the process of budget hearings. Budget hearings will be held March 19-22, and appeals will be held March 26-27.
Senate discussed incentives for senators as a method of recruitment. Suggestions for incentives for senators included scholarships, class credit, jackets, and leadership certificates.
Senate tabled the discussion for the incentives until next week, hoping to get more input from other students.

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