Vietnamese student hosts international luncheon

The Chadron State College International Office hosted an International luncheon on Thursday, Jan. 25 from 12-1 p.m. in the Scottsbluff Room of the Student Center.
The luncheon was open to the public. The International Office expected 50 people, and about 40 people attended. Students, staff members, and other community members attended the event.
“The purpose of holding these luncheons are to internationalize the campus and let people know what international students bring to our college,” said Angie Camerlinck, project coordinator of the International Office.
This luncheon featured Yen Nguyen, 19, a sophomore of Hanoi, Vietnam. She presented a power point at the event that described her home country and her culture. She explained some of the differences between the United States and Vietnam.
“The best part about the event is that I get to communicate and share with other people about my culture,” said Yen Nguyen.
Vietnamese chicken was the meal provided at the event. The attendees of the event could eat the cultural dish while learning about Vietnam.
“It was great to learn more about Vietnam while eating good food,” said Michele Rickenbach, the assistant registrar at Chadron State College.

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