Nobody is perfect, and that is ok

I am a firm believer that if you’re going to do something, you better do it to the best of your abilities or there’s no point in doing it at all. I put myself under so much stress trying to be perfect all the time, but over the years I’ve realized that I need to become a firm believer in something else: nobody is perfect.
Growing up, it seemed that the idea of “perfection” was everywhere I looked. I saw magazine covers and infomercials promising to give you the “perfect” body. I strived everyday in school to get the “perfect” grades. My parents never seemed to put the pressure of “perfect” on me. I was putting the stress on myself.
In the end, we are all human. And like it or not, being human comes with making mistakes. As a college student and a young adult, it is our job to make mistakes. There is no way you can get through life without hurting at least one person’s feelings, getting a bad grade or accidentally napping through class.
It is our job to date the wrong person, get our feelings hurt and choose the wrong jobs. Without those mistakes, how are we supposed to grow?
Mistakes will be made, but we need to learn how to own up to them. Acknowledging that you have failed in some way is the first step to correcting your mistakes.
We all know that one person who is “always right” and everything is someone else’s fault. To me, it is incredibly annoying that they can’t own up to their actions and accept that they are as imperfect as the rest of us.
As the editor of The Eagle, I strive every week to put out a quality, accurate newspaper each week. While that is my goal, I have also accepted that our staff is full of students – students who are still learning. We try our best, but we are not experts and may put out a spelling error here and there. But with every error we make, we learn another lesson – as students should.
We sometimes catch a lot of flack if we put out errors, but professional papers, like the New York Times or the Washington Post, publish errors too. That’s right. Even huge newspapers make mistakes because at the end of the day, we are all still humans. No matter what age or level of experience.
Failure and mistakes are what build us into stronger, better people. Learn from your mistakes and remember that everyone around you is stumbling through their own mistakes too.

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