Philadelphia Eagles earn first Super Bowl victory

Students watched the Philadelphia Eagles win their first Super Bowl game against the New England Patriots, 41-33, at RLA’s Super Bowl Party Sunday, in the Hub.
With 25 pizzas, chips, salsa and garlic bread twists, RLA was prepared to host a large Super Bowl party that everyone could enjoy, no matter what team they were rooting for.
“We’ve done it every year, but it’s usually with just one person, so I decided to have the Andrews Hall staff help out with it to make it bigger and better, that way everyone can enjoy it more and we can have more food and more help,” Associate Director Andrew Johnson said.
Johnson was excited to see the Eagles compete with a chance at their first Super Bowl title, but Patriots fans were very confident in their team.
“I’m rooting for the Patriots because we don’t do stupid here at Chadron State,” Logan Douglas, 21, junior of Sidney, said.
Two televisions were set up in The Hub so that all who attended could enjoy the game.
Johnson said he expected 50-100 students to show up, but to his delight, there were over 100 people in
attendance. All 25 pizzas were gone well before the game ended.
Gabriela Perez, senior of Sioux City, Iowa, said she partially came because she doesn’t have cable.
“Plus, I like watching it in an atmosphere where people are cheering on both sides. It just makes for a more intense and fun experience,” Perez said.
Those who attended the Super Bowl Party were entered to win prizes that were handed out after every quarter.
The prizes included merchandise that represented “local” football teams, like the University of Nebraska Lincoln Huskers and the Denver Broncos.
A Terrell Davis Broncos jersey was given away as a grand prize. Tatum Miller, 19, sophomore of Bridgeport, won the Hall-of-Famer’s jersey by guessing closest to the final score. She guessed 35-29 with the Eagles winning.

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